Many elite athletes

Since then, many elite athletes have found in the Sera Labs CBD Oil a natural, effective and less toxic alternative to analgesic drugs such as ibuprofen. In the case of cancer patients, CBD, in addition to pain, can help with nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy.

The analgesic properties are accompanied by an anti-inflammatory effect that are interesting for many disorders, such as renal fibrosis, metabolic syndrome, overweight, obesity and diabetes. All these indications have been presented in the latest editions of the Society for the Research of Cannabinoids.

The anti-inflammatory properties are also helpful in a very common problem but difficult to combat: acne. Several studies indicate that it reduces the production of sebum, inflammatory cytokines and bacteria.

Some studies even point out that Sera Labs CBD Oil has a direct anticancer action: it has been seen that it destroys cancer cells in test tubes and in mice has avoided the expression of genes that allow the expansion of certain aggressive types of breast cancer.

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