kill the worms

The crushed lemon seeds can be an effective home alternative to kill the worms and eliminate their activity on the stomach. The paste resulting from the crushing can be added to a glass of water, so that it is much easier to ingest.

To enhance the action of this recipe, we can add a little lemon juice to the mixture. MMS Mineral Solution (Detoxant Review) is a weak OXIDANTE mineral that eliminates anaerobic pathogens having been effective in a large number of diseases.

MMS (NACLO2) has been used successfully according to the witnesses themselves and affected in all types of infections (urine, prostate, ovaries, uterus, Detoxant Review, etc), asthma, hepatitis, tuberculosis, arthritis, malaria, all kinds of parasites, congestion, depression, diabetes, herpes, acne. No government has conducted or endorsed tests or trials to date.

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