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The competition is fierce to see who gets the best photos, which can be placed in the global editions of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar for 150 euros, at least, and by 1,000 or more, bypassing.

Right now, the issue of street style photobloggers is out of control and its aggressiveness is worse than that of the paparazzi that harass the stars of Hollywood, says Imran Amed, founder of the specialized website The Business Of Fashion.

The truth is that the number of these hunters of urban style, mostly amateur lifestyle photographer Hong Kong, grows every season of fashion weeks, generating chaos and exasperation at the entrance of the parades, as reported in February 2013an enraged Suzy Menkes in The Circus of Fashion, one of his last articles as a reporter for The International Herald Tribune.

Bolstered by a greedy industry sudden impacts, especially with regard to their social networks, the phenomenon has generated its own celebrities: amateur photographers who have made career out of your hobby.

Spain is no stranger to this situation, with exponents such as Ramiro e (recently recruited by ICON magazine for its website), the most commercial Anna Ponsa (Miss Nobody) and the duo Cup Of Couple (represented by the Okiko bloggers agency Talents, with venues in Madrid and Malaga) and even the controversial Pelayo Díaz (aka Prince Pelayo ), who made the leap from egoblogger to photoblogger in S Moda , among other successful pirouettes.

The question that arises right now is how long it will take to exploit the bubble of urban fashion photography. The problem is that what is still called street style is no longer at all, the one that was Scott’s partner The Sartorialist Schuman.

The French blogger, illustrator and photographer points out that the outfits that are seen at the entrance of the parades are increasingly calculated, designed only to capture the attention of the objectives. There is a brand new nomenclature for it: peep style , the iconography of those who make themselves noticed.

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