Benefits of responsible gaming

Scientific studies highlight the benefits of responsible gaming, while alerting compulsive gamblers to the harmful consequences of inappropriate gaming behavior, since many players experience negative emotions that lead them to make bad decisions and develop indecorous attitudes that will have an direct influence on their individual responsibilities and their social environment.

The influence of gambling on society is highly relevant, however, recent experiments carried out by an interdisciplinary group from the University of Cambridge determined that pathological gambling can be generated by the hyperactivity of a brain insula that divides the frontal lobe from the temporal lobe., generating a disorder called the player’s fallacy, which makes the individual not face reality and clings to the illusion of winning.

Addictions to gambling depend to a certain extent on mental control, but they are also reflected by neuronal problems that affect the brain capacities of the individual generating consequences that deteriorate the understanding and the reality that is lived.

Treatments focused on restoring negative behavior triggered by gambling point to psychological techniques that keep the gambler from the focus of the addiction trigger, while being accompanied by interdisciplinary processes of doctors and therapists who administer drugs aimed at restoring parts of the brain that present the anomaly, in such a way that compulsive gambling is left behind, leading to a balanced and happy life.

Genting casino and gambling houses show a broad interest in responsible gaming and proper conduct in the gambling halls, which is why they deploy campaigns and exercise controls so that addicts stay away from their tables and allow people who want to have fun consent, enter the world of gambling and chance.

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